Fitorch K3 Lite 550lm In-depth review, Pros and Cons

1 x Cree XP-G2 LED, 1 x Cree XP-E2 LED (red), 1 x 370nm UV LED
550 lm output
2500 cd intensity
integrated 300mAh Li-Ion battery

The Fitorch K3 Lite (K3LITE) released in 2019. It uses 1 x Cree XP-G2 LED, 1 x Cree XP-E2 LED (red), 1 x 370nm UV LED, TIR reflector and integrated 300mAh Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 550 lm output, 2500 cd intensity, and a beam distance of 100 m.

The K3 Lite flashlight offers a versatile lighting solution. It uses a TIR lens to form the beam pattern. This light has 2 modes of lighting. This flashlight does not have memory function. The USB charger port lets you charge this flashlight. You can use it with alternative power sources.

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We base the specifications below on the official data published by the manufacturer, while also considering user reviews. If you found an error or something lacking in the specifications for the Fitorch K3 Lite, then tell us.

Fitorch K3 Lite (K3LITE) specifications

NameK3 Lite
Rated 4 / 5 based on 1362 user votes.

This flashlight can fit in pockets, backpacks, or glove compartments. You can carry it wherever you go.


Weight26.2 g
Length53 mm
Body diameter12 mm
Head diameter30 mm
Dimensions53 x 12 x 30 mm
Materialaluminium alloy with HAIII hard-anodized finish

The flashlight weighs 26.2 g. It is lightweight and easy to handle for most people. Consider the length of the flashlight. It should fit comfortably in your chosen way to carry it. The aluminium body of the K3 Lite has a reputation for being durable and strong. It offers excellent resistance to impacts, scratches, and corrosion. The HAIII coating resists corrosion well. It shields the aluminum from moisture, humidity, and other corrosive elements. The K3 Lite flashlight is available in assorted colors: black, blue, silver.


Emitter1 x Cree XP-G2 LED, 1 x Cree XP-E2 LED (red), 1 x 370nm UV LED
Color temperature6500 K
Switchelectronic side

Cree is a US-based LED manufacturer. It is well-regarded for its high-quality products and innovation in lighting. Color temperature is a characteristic of light. It is used to quantify the color appearance of light sources. The TIR lens makes the LED light collimated. It does this into efficient, well-controlled beams. These beams maximize the usable lumens in the target area. The flashlight has electronic switches. They have many benefits and extra features compared to mechanical switches.


Flux550 lm
Intensity2500 cd
Throw100 m
CD/LM factor4.55

550 lm can provide a decent amount of brightness and be suitable for many everyday tasks. The K3 Lite flashlight has 2500 cd. It provides a much brighter and more intense beam. The throw is the distance in meters at which the flashlight produces a light intensity of 0.25 lux. The cd/lm factor is the candela-to-lumen ratio. It shows how concentrated a light source's output is.


Modes2 modes
Mode memoryno
Ramping modeno

A flashlight's modes are different output settings or brightness levels. They can be chosen to meet different needs and preferences.


Batteryintegrated 300mAh Li-Ion battery
Battery indicatoryes
Charger portmicroUSB
Thermal regulationno
SpecialsUV light
red light
white light

The Fitorch K3 Lite flashlight is powered by integrated 300mAh Li-Ion battery. A battery indicator is a feature. It shows the remaining power level of the flashlight's battery. The K3 Lite flashlight can charge from a USB power source. This source can be a wall adapter, computer, power bank, or car charger. This flashlight has built-in low voltage protection (LVP). It prevents damage from over-discharge, so it doesn't need protected cells.

This light does not have temperature control feature. The "8" in the IPx8 rating means the highest level of protection. It is against water ingress. The K3 Lite's UV light can detect and light up certain substances. They are not visible under normal light.


Package contentskeyring
microUSB cable

According to the ANSI/NEMA FL1 Standard, we measure the performance of the Fitorch K3 Lite flashlight 30 seconds after switching on the light. The ANSI/NEMA FL1 2009 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines.

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