Xanes 3320 1800lm In-depth review, Pros and Cons

Cree XHP50 LED
1800 lm output
22000 cd intensity
1 x 26650 Li-Ion battery

The Xanes 3320 (3320) released in 2019. It uses Cree XHP50 LED, SMO reflector and 1 x 26650 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 1800 lm output, 22000 cd intensity, and a beam distance of 297 m.

The 3320 is a powerful and reliable flashlight. With its impressive illumination capabilities and durable construction, it serves as an exceptional lighting tool for various situations and environments. This light has 3 modes of lighting. Without mode memory, each time you turn on the 3320, it will start from the default or first mode in the sequence. It has a strobe function, which is one of the most effective self defense tools available. This USB rechargeable flashlight has become a popular choice for both everyday use and demanding situations.

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Xanes 3320 (3320) specifications

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Flashlights enable you to navigate in the dark, locate supplies, signal for help, or provide comfort and security in challenging circumstances.


Weight313 g
Length175 mm
Head diameter50 mm
Materialaluminium alloy with HAIII hard-anodized finish

Flashlights in this weight range (313 g) may have features like extended battery life, intense brightness, or rugged construction for heavy-duty use. The length of a flashlight can affect how it feels in your hand and how you can grip and maneuver it. Aluminium is a lightweight material, which is beneficial for 3320 flashlight. The body of 3320 flashlight treated with a Type III hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish. This flashlight comes in a sleek black color option.


EmitterCree XHP50 LED
Color temperature6500 K
Switchelectronic side

Cree, a US-based LED manufacturing company is a well-regarded LED manufacturer known for its high-quality products and innovation in the lighting industry. Color temperature is a characteristic of light. It is used to quantify the color appearance of light sources, particularly white light. The smooth reflector is typically used in flashlights where long-range illumination is a priority, such as searchlights or thrower flashlights. Electronic switches on this flashlight provide a range of advantages and additional features compared to mechanical switches.


Flux1800 lm
Intensity22000 cd
Throw297 m
CD/LM factor12.22

The 1800 lm output of 3320 provides greater versatility, as you can adjust the brightness levels to suit different lighting needs. The 3320 flashlight with 22000 cd has an extended throw distance, allowing you to illuminate objects or areas at greater distances. The throw distance refers to the maximum distance at which the flashlight can effectively illuminate an object or target. The cd/lm factor (candela-to-lumen ratio) provides information about how concentrated or focused the light output of a light source is.


Modes3 modes
Mode memoryno
Ramping modeno

Modes on a flashlight refer to different output settings or levels of brightness that can be selected to suit different needs and preferences. Strobe can be used for signaling purposes, self-defense, or attracting attention in emergency situations. SOS mode of the 3320 produces a specific sequence of long and short flashes to signal distress or emergency situations.


Battery1 x 26650 Li-Ion battery
Battery indicatoryes
Charger portmicroUSB
Thermal regulationyes

The Xanes 3320 flashlight is powered by 1 x 26650 Li-Ion battery. The battery indicator helps users monitor the battery status and estimate how much runtime they have left before the battery needs to be recharged or replaced. The integrated charger allows for convenient and versatile charging options, as you can utilize various USB power sources to recharge the battery. LVP (Low Voltage Protection) is designed to protect the battery from being over-discharged, which can lead to reduced battery life or even permanent damage.

The built-in thermal control automatically adjusts brightness output to prevent overheating. The IPx6 rating indicates that the flashlight has a protection against water jets.


Package contents26650 battery
microUSB cable

Obtaining a flashlight with an included battery saves you the time and effort of searching for a compatible battery or waiting for a separate battery to arrive. By securing the flashlight with a lanyard, you can free up your hands for other tasks while keeping the flashlight within reach.

The performance of the Xanes 3320 flashlight is measured according to the ANSI / NEMA FL1 Standard 30 seconds after switching the light on. The ANSI/NEMA FL1 2009 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines.

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