Vortex TK104R 4200lm In-depth review, Pros and Cons

Cree XHP70 LED
4200 lm output
20000 cd intensity
1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery

The Vortex TK104R (TK104R) released in 2019. It uses Cree XHP70 LED, OP reflector and 1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 4200 lm output, 20000 cd intensity, and a beam distance of 283 m.

The TK104R flashlight provides instant illumination at the touch of a switch. This immediate response is particularly useful in emergency situations. This light has 4 modes of lighting. The mode memory of TK104R eliminates the need to cycle through different modes every time you turn on the flashlight, providing convenience and saving time. The strobe function can be utilized as a self-defense tool, providing a non-lethal means to deter or disorient attackers The USB charger port allows you to charge this flashlight using alternative power sources.

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Vortex TK104R (TK104R) specifications

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This flashlight can easily fit into pockets, backpacks, or glove compartments, allowing you to carry them wherever you go.


Weight147 g
Length135.5 mm
Body diameter29 mm
Head diameter44.2 mm
Materialaluminium alloy with HAIII hard-anodized finish

The TK104R generally comfortable to hold for extended periods and easy to carry in pockets or bags. A well-balanced flashlight, where the weight is evenly distributed, can be more comfortable to hold for longer periods and reduce hand fatigue. Aluminium body of TK104R is known for its durability and strength. It offers excellent resistance to impacts, scratches, and corrosion. The HAIII coating offers a uniform and attractive finish, often available in different colors, giving the flashlight a sleek and professional look. The choice of flashlight body color can be influenced by factors such as intended use, environment, personal style, and functional requirements.


EmitterCree XHP70 LED
LensAR coated glass
Switchelectronic side

Cree is widely regarded as a reputable LED manufacturer. The TK104R has an orange peel (OP) textured reflector. Orange peel reflectors have smoother beams. The Anti-Reflective coating is a thin optical coating applied to the surface of the lens to minimize reflections and improve light transmission. The electronic switches may have a higher likelihood of standby drain compared to mechanical switches.


Flux4200 lm
Intensity20000 cd
Throw283 m
CD/LM factor4.76

With 4200 lm, the TK104R flashlight will provide an exceptionally bright and powerful beam of light. The TK104R flashlight with 20000 cd has an extended throw distance, allowing you to illuminate objects or areas at greater distances. The throw is the calculated distance in meters at which the flashlight produces a light intensity of 0.25 lux. Candela per lumen (cd/lm) is a measure of a flashlight's beam intensity relative to its total luminous flux or output.


Modes4 modes
Mode memoryyes
Ramping modeno

Modes on a flashlight refer to different output settings or levels of brightness that can be selected to suit different needs and preferences. Mode memory means that the flashlight will remember the mode you were using when the light was last turned off, and when you turn it on again. The strobe function on the TK104R flashlight is a feature that produces a rapid and repetitive flashing of light.


Battery1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery
Battery indicatoryes
Charger portUSB Type-C
Thermal regulationyes

The power source of the TK104R flashlight is 1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery, providing reliable and long-lasting energy for optimal performance. Having a battery indicator allows users to monitor the battery status and make informed decisions regarding recharging or replacing the battery. The USB charger port on a flashlight can be particularly useful in emergency situations where access to power outlets may be limited.

This flashlight has a built-in low voltage protection (LVP) to prevent damage to the cell from over-discharge, so protected cells are not necessary. The thermal protection feature helps prevent overheating, which can be detrimental to the flashlight's performance, battery, and overall safety. The "8" in the IPx8 rating indicates the highest level of protection against water ingress.


Package contentsUSB Type-C cable

When gripping the flashlight with the lanyard around your wrist, it provides a more secure and stable hold.

The performance of the Vortex TK104R flashlight is measured according to the ANSI / NEMA FL1 Standard 30 seconds after switching the light on. The ANSI/NEMA FL1 2009 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines.

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