Lumintop FW3A SST20 1600lm In-depth review, Pros and Cons

3 x Luminus SST20 LEDs
1600 lm output
5625 cd intensity
1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery

The Lumintop FW3A SST20 (FW3ASST20) released in 2019. It uses 3 x Luminus SST20 LEDs, TIR reflector and 1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 1600 lm output, 5625 cd intensity, and a beam distance of 150 m.

The FW3A SST20 is an impressive flashlight that offers both power and reliability. Its robust build and outstanding illumination make it a versatile lighting instrument. It uses a TIR lens to form the beam pattern. You don't have to cycle through many modes to find what you want. The FW3A SST20's mode memory makes the flashlight start in your preferred or needed mode. The strobe function produces a high-frequency flashing light pattern. It disorients or distracts potential threats or aggressors.

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We base the specifications below on the official data published by the manufacturer, while also considering user reviews. If you found an error or something lacking in the specifications for the Lumintop FW3A SST20, then tell us.

Lumintop FW3A SST20 (FW3ASST20) specifications

NameFW3A SST20
Rated 4 / 5 based on 1376 user votes.

The FW3A SST20 flashlight enhances safety. It illuminates hazards and improves visibility in low light.


Weight53 g
Length92.5 mm
Head diameter25.5 mm
Materialaluminium alloy with HAIII hard-anodized finish
Colorsarmy green

The flashlight weighs 53 g. It is lightweight and easy to handle for most people. The best flashlight size depends on personal preference. It also depends on intended use and the specific features you want. The aluminium body of the FW3A SST20 has a reputation for being durable and strong. It offers excellent resistance to impacts, scratches, and corrosion. HAIII is a specific anodizing process. It creates a thicker and harder oxide layer than regular anodizing. The FW3A SST20 flashlight presents an extensive selection of vibrant colors: army green, blue, gray, purple.


Emitter3 x Luminus SST20 LEDs
Color temperature4000 K
Switchelectronic rear

People know Luminus LEDs for their efficiency, brightness, color accuracy, and long lifespan. The color temperature choice depends on the light's use and personal taste. The TIR lens makes the LED light collimated. It does this into efficient, well-controlled beams. These beams maximize the usable lumens in the target area. Some flashlights with electronic switches have programmable features. They allow users to customize the behavior of the flashlight. Rear switches are common on tactical flashlights. Law enforcement, military, and self-defense personnel use them.


Flux1600 lm
Intensity5625 cd
Throw150 m
CD/LM factor3.52

With 1600 lm, the FW3A SST20 flashlight will offer a brighter and more powerful beam of light. The FW3A SST20 flashlight has 5625 cd. It provides a much brighter and more intense beam. The throw is the distance in meters at which the flashlight produces a light intensity of 0.25 lux. The candela per lumen (cd/lm) ratio can be used to determine if a flashlight has a spot or flood type beam. In some cases, a flashlight with a higher CRI may offer a more natural. It may also be more pleasant to use, it can better reveal the true colors of the surroundings. A CRI of 95 indicates extremely high color accuracy. It provides a near-perfect representation of colors.


Mode memoryyes
Ramping modeyes

Anduril can be firmware-upgradable. Users can benefit from ongoing improvements and new features by installing updates. The flashlight has mode memory. It remembers the mode you were using when the light was last turned off. It stays in that mode when you turn it on again. The FW3A SST20's ramping mode is easy to use. It lets you smoothly change the output over its whole range. Designers created the strobe function to produce a disorienting or attention-grabbing effect. The SOS code starts three short signals. Then, three long signals follow. Finally, there are three short signals again.


Battery1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery
Battery indicatorno
Charger portno
Thermal regulationyes

The FW3A SST20 flashlight utilizes 1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery as its power source. The FW3A SST20 cannot charge batteries. You may need an external charger to keep your battery going. This flashlight has built-in low voltage protection (LVP). It prevents damage from over-discharge, so it doesn't need protected cells. The FW3A SST20 has thermal protection feature. These mechanisms track and regulate the flashlight's temperature as it operates. The "8" in the IPx8 rating means the highest level of protection. It is against water ingress.


Package contents2 x spare o-rings

The clip provides flexibility in how you carry your flashlight. Instead of searching for matching O-rings, having spare O-rings allows quick fixes.

According to the ANSI/NEMA FL1 Standard, we measure the performance of the Lumintop FW3A SST20 flashlight 30 seconds after switching on the light. The ANSI/NEMA FL1 2009 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines.

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