Crelant TD08 diving light review

Cree XM-L2 LED
800 lm output
10000 cd intensity
1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery

The Crelant TD08 diving light was released in 2019. It uses Cree XM-L2 LED, SMO reflector and 1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this diving light provides up to 800 lm output, 10000 cd intensity, and a beam distance of 200 m.

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Table of Contents

  • Crelant TD08 specifications
    • Body, materials, weight, colors
    • System, LED, lens, reflector
    • Performance, flux, intensity, throw
    • Software, user interface, modes
    • Features, battery, protections
    • Links
  • Conclusion, pros and cons
  • Photos

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Crelant TD08 / TD08

This flashlight does not have memory function.

Crelant TD08 specifications

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Formdiving light

Body, materials, weight, colors

Weight80.6 g
Length110 mm
Body diameter26 mm
Head diameter30 mm
Materialaluminium alloy with HAIII hard-anodized finish

The flashlight is lightweight and easy to handle for most people. A smaller flashlight is easier to carry in a pocket, bag, or pouch. The aluminium body of the TD08 has a reputation for being durable and strong. HAIII is a specific anodizing process, it creates a thicker and harder oxide layer than regular anodizing. The TD08 flashlight is available in black.

Crelant TD08 / 1

System, LED, lens, reflector

EmitterCree XM-L2 LED
Color temperature6500 K
Switchrotary front

Cree is a US-based LED manufacturer. It is well-regarded for its high-quality products and innovation in lighting. Color temperature is used to quantify the color appearance of light sources. The TD08 has a smooth reflector. It gives you a better hotspot, and it throws better.

Performance, flux, intensity, throw

Flux800 lm
Intensity10000 cd
Throw200 m
CD/LM factor12.5

With 800 lm, the TD08 flashlight will offer a brighter and more powerful beam of light. The TD08 flashlight has 10000 cd, it provides a much brighter and more intense beam. The throw is the distance in meters at which the flashlight produces a light intensity of 0.25 lux. The cd/lm factor is the candela-to-lumen ratio. It shows how concentrated a light source's output is.

Software, user interface, modes

Modes1 mode
Mode memoryno
Ramping modeno

Features, battery, protections

Battery1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery
Battery indicatorno
Charger portno
Thermal regulationno
Protectiondepth 100 meters

The Crelant TD08 flashlight is powered by 1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery. The TD08 cannot charge batteries. You may need an external charger to keep your battery going. Use a protected battery, because this flashlight lacks low voltage protection (LVP). This light does not have temperature control feature.

Official sitehttps://www.crelant.com/

Conclusion, pros and cons

This Crelant flashlight, like any other, has its strengths and weaknesses. Let's take a close look at both sides to understand this flashlight better. I share my thoughts on its standout features and the parts that might need improvement. Keep in mind, these are just my opinions, and you might have a different perspective.


  • lightweight
  • aluminium body
  • rotary switch


  • cool light
  • moderated performance
  • no mode memory
  • no battery indicator
  • no built-in charger
  • no LVP
  • no thermal regulation
  • no auxiliary LEDs
  • non-magnetic


Crelant TD08 / TD08 photo 1.
Crelant TD08 / TD08 photo 2.
Crelant TD08 / TD08

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Updated: April 25, 2024

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